The Biolab Research Institute, Dr. Gerd Schriever, is a private, self-supporting arrangement. It was founded on July 1, 1993, and is active in the following ocean research areas:

Science and Research Evaluation of Technical Intrusions in coastal waters and the deep sea.
Primary Emphasis: ecology and taxonomy of the benthos - meio- and megafauna.
Advisory Services and Consultation Consultation with national and international institutions in the planning and execution of marine research activities and integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), project coordination and logistics. If desired, assumption of responsibility for specific activity realms.
Research Services Preparation of assessment reports and studies in the area of marine ecology and monitoring with national and international partners. Participation in the preparation of environmental assessments and environmental impact statements (EIA and EIS (or EA and EIS?)).
Education Further education courses on protection and utilization of the oceans. Introduction to the construction and requirements of UVP, UVU and ecological audits.
Marine Technological and Expedition Services This sector was transferred to OKTOPUS GmbH founded in April 1998.